Keeping You In Business

It is vital to keep your operations up and running, your people safe and do it all at a profit!

At FG Wilson we design and install power systems that ensure you deliver on your commitments time after time. With over fifty years experience and knowledge as the industry leader in power generation - we are your partner in power.

Your partnership with FG Wilson doesn't end after installation - your local FG Wilson dealer is always on hand for ongoing support, 24 / 7.

In the manufacturing industry your reputation is paramount, so why trust anyone else?

FG Wilson Support CHP Station For Glass Plant

The largest glassware manufacturer in the Ukraine, the Gostomel Glass Plant in Kiev produces up to 1.5 million units per day for use in various industries, for both indigenous and export use.

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Publisher's Power Is Fit For Purpose Thanks To FG Wilson

FG Wilson, the leading global manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets, has successfully completed another headline-grabbing project after helping to deliver a high voltage power solution for one of the UK's leading publishing companies.

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Our generator sets are designed to run at maximum efficiency ensuring optimal running costs for your business. And when it comes to providing support…FG Wilson has a global network of responsive sales, service and parts professionals to ensure you protect your business against downtime. For unrivalled support from an industry-leading brand it has got to be FG Wilson.

With one of the world's most comprehensive generator set ranges, FG Wilson can supply the perfect power solution to ensure your operations keep on running.