Have It Your Way - Customisations To Manage Your Power

Our ancillary equipment makes life a little easier when it comes to running and managing your power requirements.

Designed specifically to work with our generator sets, our ancillary equipment ranges from specialised fuel, sound attenuation, silencer and starter systems to mobile generator set trailer solutions.

Take the hassle out of fuelling and refuelling by choosing a specialised fuel system to suit your needs — day fuel tanks, bulk fuel tanks, fuel transfer pumps and associated control systems. To assure product quality and performance in the field we design and supply all major components for fuel systems, including level sensing equipment, fuel-water separators, pumps, tanks, dump valves and fire protection products.

Ensure a quieter life with our sound attenuation silencer systems, sized specifically to meet your needs and suitable for any application, ambient conditions or noise level.

Also available…

  • Starting systems — Duplex, air and hydraulic and specialised DC batteries
  • Catalytic exhaust filter, soot filter and exhaust after treatment
  • Fuel filtration, storage and transfer systems and associated control systems
  • Fire detection, protection and suppression systems
  • Spring and captive rubber Anti-vibration mounts (AVM) to suit low noise and mobile generator set applications
  • Mobile generator set trailer solutions

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